Adding pictures

To add picture to the post, with default Summernote editor there are 3 options to choose from.1. Cli [More]

Multiple Post Editors

Editor used in BlogEngine when editing post or page can be replaced by another compatible editor. By default, BlogEngine uses Summernote, but it also comes with TinyMCE and Bootstrap.wysiwyg preinstalled. To switch, there is a key in web.config. [More]

Adopting CKEditor

At the core of any editor, no matter how complex it is, is a simple text box. And two main operations with editor include writing to this box and reading out of it. Understanding these three things all you need to port any editor to BlogEngine [More]

File Manager

File manager provides UI to upload files to the blog and use them in the posts and pages as images, attachments or media. These files can be selected by using "File picker" button in post/page editor. [More]